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PIPE FREEZING, by Sub-Zero Pipe Freezing Services, Inc. - can be used to isolate where problem areas are in pipe systems by forming solid ice plugs.  This method of isolation eliminates the need to take a system shut-down, or drain-down, in order to make repairs or system modifications.


Pipe Freeze applications have been successfully performed in Chemical Plants, High Rise Buildings, Hospitals, Hotels, Refineries, Power Plants and other Industries.  


This technique has helped many of our clients reduce costs by minimizing the loss of expensive process fluids, and down-time when performing scheduled maintenance, or emergency repairs.  


Sub-Zero Pipe Freezing Services continues to abide by the SAME VALUES we've had since the day we opened our doors.  We are built on Trust, Integrity, 

Perseverance, Honesty, and Commitment to provide the best solution for our clients; by providing technical advice and highly skilled specialists for every Pipe Freezing application.


Service Coverage Area:

Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Ohio and Kentucky

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