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About Pipe Freezing  


What is Pipe Freezing? 


Pipe Freezing, or freeze plugging, is a method used to isolate sections of a liquid filled pipe system, while 

maintaining pressure throughout. It is also used to minimize draining expensive fluids, or having to backfill 

systems, which can cause additional problems to develop.   


Certain system criteria must be met when performing a Pipe Freeze application.  Sub-Zero Pipe Freezing Services provides a simple questionnaire to help gather all the information required to properly quote and execute any Pipe Freezing project.  We also take the information over the phone to further provide customer convenience. 


Below is an example of the information our questionnaire will ask, so that we can properly respond to a client's needs:


  • Pipe Size(s)

  • Number of Freeze Plugs

  • Fluid Type(s) 

  • Temperature(s)

  • No Flow Condition Required

  • Freeze Location(s)

  • Additional Information... 





Where can Pipe Freezing be used? 


Pipe Freezing can be performed in many locations including:


  • Residential High Rise Buildings

  • Commercial High Rise Buildings

  • Schools

  • Hospitals

  • Water Treatment Plants

  • Paper Mills

  • Power Plants

  • Chemical Plants

  • Refineries

  • Many more locations...




Commercial Buildings
Residential High Rise Buildings
Water Treatment Plants
Paper Mills
Power Plants
Chemical Plants
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How can Pipe Freezing be used? 


Pipe Freezing can be used to perform the following:


  • Valve Replacement (or) Repair

  • Modifications To Pipe System

  • Installing (or) Removing Pumps

  • Replacement Of Meters

  • Maintain Fire System Integrity

  • Many More Applications...




What Types of Fluids / Systems can it be used on? 


Pipe Freezing works on a wide variety of fluids and system types:


  • Domestic Cold And Hot Water

  • Boiler / Hydronic Systems

  • Systems Containing Glycol

  • Fire Protection Systems

  • Brines 

  • Sewage And Slurries

  • Heavy Hydrocarbons

  • Certain Oils And Petroleum Products

  • And Many More...




What Types of Pipe does Pipe Freezing work on? 


Pipe Freezing can be used on a wide range of pipe type:


  • Carbon Steel

  • Stainless Steel

  • Aluminum

  • Cast Iron

  • Ductile Iron

  • Copper

  • Lead

  • Titanium

  • Coated And Lined Pipe

  • 1/2" Up To 48" Pipe

  • Vertical, Horizontal Or Out-Of-Round Pipe




What are the Benefits of Pipe Freezing? 


Pipe Freezing is a quick solution to keep labor costs and system down-time to a minimum. 


  • It Is Cost Effective; Saves Time And Money

  • Isolates Work Area - Allowing The Rest Of The System To Remain Active.

  • Allows Control of Hazardous Fluids

  • Avoids Costly Drain-downs

  • Complete Shutoff: No Leak-By. Ideal For Soldering or Welding 




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